Toilet Training Rabbits


Rabbits can usually be trained to use a litter tray quite easily. Toilet trained rabbits are much faster to clean out and can also spend time in the house without accidents.


How to Toilet Train Your Rabbit

  1. Choose one or two cat litter trays and place them in locations where your rabbit already prefers to toilet (generally they like a private enclosed corner or box).
  2. Choose a litter type that is not too dusty as rabbits are prone to respiratory issues.
  3. Place some hay in each tray or have hay available within easy reach in a hay rack. It may sound strange but rabbits like to nibble hay while they pass faeces.
  4. Using gloves or a scoop place some of your rabbit’s faeces into each tray. This will help them work out the purpose of the tray.
  5. Every time your rabbit toilets outside of the tray scoop it up and put it in the litter tray.
  6. Clean litter trays daily.



If your rabbit is not getting the hang of using the litter trays after a week or two, review what you are doing. Make sure you have followed all of the steps carefully.

  • Try changing litter types; individual rabbits may prefer different litter types
  • Try changing the location of the tray, make sure it is in a private area. Some rabbits will prefer to toilet in the “bed” area of the cage. If this is the case, then place their litter tray there but build or buy them an extra bed box that is warm and dry and put this in their run with bedding material.
  • Make sure they can easily reach hay from their toilet tray


Toileting and Health

Check your rabbit’s toilet tray daily during cleaning for any changes in faeces (such as diarrhoea) or urine, as these can be a sign of a serious health problem in rabbits. If your rabbit is toilet trained but suddenly starts having accidents outside their tray this could be a sign of a health issue too.

Rabbits naturally have thick dark yellow to dark orange urine however very red urine can be a sign of a problem.


If you have any further questions or concerns about your rabbits toileting, please contact us at the clinic