Meet Albert

Albert the Bearded Dragon came to Vets4Pets when his owner noticed his leg was swollen. Several years ago when Albert was just a few weeks old, one of his litter mates had bitten off his foot. The injury had healed up ok and Albert had gotten used to moving around normally despite his disability. Now years later the same leg was swollen and causing him problems. On examination we found a small penetrating wound on the leg. Xrays showed an area of bone damage under the wound which was consistent with a bone infection. Unfortunately the infection had already severely damaged the bone and the end of the leg needed amputating. 

Albert had an anaesthetic to remove the problematic part of his leg, leaving just his thigh. He stayed at the clinic for a few days during his initial recovery and all of our staff became very attached to him. Albert recovered very well from surgery. He was soon putting on weight and back to his old self again.