Rabbit Health

Rabbits are a unique species with very specific dietary and health requirements. They are becoming increasingly popular as pets and the more popular they become, the more we learn about them. Rabbits are social animals and enjoy living in a bonded, desexed, pair. They are athletic and need lots of space and exercise, as well as a cosy bed area to sleep in. Their enclosure also needs to be very secure as predation is a common cause of death.

Diet is very important in this species. A diet that is too low in fibre or poorly balanced, can lead to serious gastrointestinal and dental diseases.

Because rabbits are a prey species, they tend to show only subtle signs of illness until they are seriously ill. This means it is important to monitor your rabbit carefully for any changes in their behaviour, eating, drinking or toileting. If you notice any changes call the clinic immediately and discuss them with a vet or book an appointment.

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