Skin & Ear Disease

Itchy skin and sore ears are very common problems for many pets. Cats and dogs are susceptible. These issues are often distressing to both pet and owner!

Skin and ear problems are often tied in together as the ear canal is essentially an extension of the animal's skin. Many animals suffer ongoing skin irritation: the causes are numerous and often not easy to pinpoint. Factors leading to skin problems include parasites (fleas, mites, worms etc), bacterial infections, fungal infections, foreign bodies (grass seeds, prickles), allergies, behavioural problems, and growths.

We offer a range of tests to assist in diagnosis of skin conditions, and can prescribe medication (where needed) to control these conditions and alleviate the symptoms.

If your pet is losing hair, licking constantly, biting their fur or driving themselves mad, please book an appointment to come and see us.