Puppy Preschool

Puppies need to be actively socialised when they are young to ensure that they grow into friendly, well-rounded adult dogs.

The time period most important for puppy socialisation is approximately from 3 to 17 weeks old. This is the time when puppies need to be exposed to all kinds of stimuli to allow them to get used to situations in every-day life. Puppies should come in contact with men and women of all ages, children, dogs, cats, birds, and be exposed to loud noises, car travel, and everything else they will experience as adult dogs!

This age is also the time when they will begin learning skills, and will start to listen to commands.

Behavioural issues are more likely to develop the older they are before they begin socialisation.

Puppy preschool classes are an excellent way to learn about puppy care, teach simple commands and most importantly play with other puppies! Classes are run at the clinic by the veterinarians, either once a week on Wednesday or once a week on Thursday nights, from 6:30pm till 7:30pm, over the 4 week course. Puppies attending their first class should be between 8 weeks and 12 weeks old, and have had their first “Core” vaccine.


Our next puppy class starts on Wednesday 7th June 2023. Spaces are limited to 10 puppies per class, so if you would like to book a place for your puppy, please call us today.


 puppy class



When is it?:  Wednesday nights, 6:30pm to approx 7:30pm

Where is it?: In the clinic on the corner of Vivian and Robe streets                                                          

What will I learn?:

  • How to deal with toilet training
  • How to teach basic commands
  • The basics of dog nutrition
  • The ins and outs of fleas, worms and treatments
  • The ins and outs of desexing, microchipping and council registration
  • How to deal with jumping, biting and barking
  • How to deal with any other puppy problems you are having

What will my puppy learn?:

  • How to socialise safely and happily with other dogs
  • Basic commands: sit, stay, down, come
  • How to walk on a lead

What freebies will I receive?:

  • Hills dry puppy food sample
  • Vouchers for discounts off Hills Puppy food purchases
  • An Advocate flea and worm treatment
  • A discount off your next Advocate purchase
  • A lead
  • A graduation certificate at the end of the course
  • A puppy information booklet written by our vets, that summarises most of the topics we cover in puppy school

Cost: Classes cost $70 for the whole course of 4 nights. Both you and your puppy will have a lot of fun. You are welcome to bring other members of your immediate family with you to learn about puppy care and join in with puppy training. 


Most of all puppy school is a fun bonding experience for you and your pup. Even if you have had dogs before, your new puppy will benefit from socialising with other puppies in a safe environment.


Contact us if you have any questions or would like to sign your puppy up for puppy school.