Orthopaedic & Soft Tissue Surgery

At Vets4Pets, all of our Veterinarians are well trained and experienced at performing surgery.

Common surgeries performed include desexing (spays and castrations), lump removals, abdominal surgeries, wound stitch-ups, caesarean sections and more. We also offer a range of orthopaedic surgery: fracture repairs, ligament repairs and more.

Pets are closely monitored throughout all procedures by both the veterinarian and the vet nurse attending to the animal. They are kept warm and given pain relief as needed.

As with people, surgeries always carry a small degree of risk, increasing with illness and age. We evaluate each patient based on their likely degree of risk and will run through this with you beforehand, encouraging questions and taking all precautions to ensure the safety for all of our patients. We may recommend pre-anaesthetic bloodwork for some patients.

In some cases, referral may be a good option for complicated surgeries and medical cases. We will liaise with veterinary specialists to offer the best outcome for your animals.

If you would like to book a surgery or discuss a surgical plan with a veterinarian, please call the clinic to make an appointment.