A good diet is essential to the health of your pet. We stock premium foods to meet your pet's nutritional requirements.


Cats and Dogs

We stock Hills and Royal Canin ranges of premium pet foods because we trust the brands and the vast amount of research that is behind every product they make. Different life stages necessitate different nutrient requirements. We also stock prescription diets have been formulated to help reduce the impact of many diseases.

Many dry premium diets are more affordable than wet or canned foods as the lower water content means that your animal needs to eat less to maintain their weight.


Rabbits and Birds

Rabbits and birds have very specific nutritional requirements that are often not met. Many of the diseases we see commonly in these species are related to an incorrect or poorly balanced diets. We stock Burgess (a premium diet for rabbits) and Harrisons (a premium diet for birds). Veterinarians are involved in developing these products and they use quality ingredients with no fillers, to exactly meet your pet's nutritional requirements.


There are many choices available and it can be confusing. Please visit us for professional advice on the most appropriate food for your pet.


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