Geriatric Care

Older patients need special care to ensure continued good health.

Common ailments of elderly patients include arthritis, hormonal imbalances, and problems with the heart, lungs, liver and kidneys. These diseases can result in visible signs such as altered eating or drinking patterns, changes in energy levels, and weight loss or gain.

Elderly patients are also at increased risk for many cancers and are more susceptible to infections as their immune systems weaken.

We recommend that cats and dogs over the age of 7 undergo a full physical examination at least once a year. At this visit, we can discuss any changes or concerns that you may have. Further diagnostic tests (blood tests, x-rays etc.) may be recommended. There are also a number of prescription veterinary diets that have been developed to reduce the effects of various diseases.

When the time comes to say goodbye to your pet, we also offer humane euthanasia as a calm, kind way to end their time. This may be performed in the clinic or at your home, at your discretion.


If you would like to discuss your elderly pet care or book an appointment, please call us.