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We recommend that all cats, dogs and rabbits are vaccinated to protect against illness from infectious diseases.

Puppies need to be actively socialised when they are young to ensure that they grow into friendly, well-rounded adult dogs.

We stock a range of flea and worm treatments to cater for your pets’ needs. 

Like us, pets also need dental care. Cats, dogs, rabbits and rodents regularly get severe dental disease, which can affect their health and happiness.

We recommend that all cats, dogs and rabbits being kept as pets, should be desexed.

All pet dogs first registered after 2006 are now required to be microchipped. Many cat and rabbit owners are routinely microchipping their pets too.

Itchy skin and sore ears are very common problems for many pets. Cats and dogs are susceptible. These issues are often distressing to both pet and owner!

We are available 24/7, 365 days a year if you need us for a pet emergency.

A good diet is essential to the health of your pet. We stock premium foods to meet your pet's nutritional requirements.

At Vets4Pets, all of our Veterinarians are well trained and experienced at performing surgery.

Older patients need special care to ensure continued good health.

If you have an animal that is on long-term medication, we can arrange your repeat prescriptions for their continued care.