Our Equipment


We have a top of the line xray unit which is powerful enough to get highly detailed images of even the largest pets. The brand new digital xray processor is the Examvue CR Pro which is also used in the human medical industry. Our digital-xray software allows us to show you the images in a consult room afterwards, so we can clearly explain any problems we have found. The images can also be downloaded and sent to specialists if needed. 

                                   xrayXray MachineFish Xray




Our ultrasound is brand new and has a variety of attachments to suit different pets. We can record images and video clips from our ultrasound exams for future reference. Ultrasound can be used to examine abdominal and some thoracic organs, check for unusual fluid accumulations or do pregnancy checks.

                            UltrasoundUltrasound Machineultrasound image



 In-House Laboratory

We have a range of laboratory equipment in the clinic including blood analysers, urine analysers, and a microscope with microscope camera. This allows us to get almost immediate results, for commonly run tests. Less commonly run diagnostics, or more complex tests, are sent to pathologists at a specialised veterinary laboratory. The microscope camera allows us to show clients images of cells or parasites that we have seen, on samples taken from their pet. 


                                           DemodexIn-House LabLymphocytes