Meet Brax

Little Brax was unfortunately involved in an accident with a car. His mum rushed him down to Vets4Pets and he was seen immediately by one of our vets. Brax had severe internal damage and was bleeding into his bladder, he had a broken pelvis in 4 places and a very nasty break of his right leg (femur) at the growth plate.

Injuries to bones in young dogs can often affect the growth plate, this complicates the surgical plan as we need to allow healing while the bones are actively trying to grow.

We advised surgical repair as the fracture was displaced and needed to be “set” in place. We also advised strict cage rest to allow his pelvis to heal. As you can see in the postoperative x-ray we were able to set the bone in place and prevent movement by inserting 2 pins. Within 24 hours of surgery Brax was putting weight back on his leg. Brax went home 2 days after surgery and came in for daily checkups for the first 3 days, then weekly checkups for the next 3 weeks.

Brax is doing really well and we plan to take the pins out when he comes in for his castration after Christmas. We are really pleased that he is doing so well and his family can enjoy his awesome company this Christmas and hopefully for many years to come. Well done Braxy!!!